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The early bird catches the worm (i.e., savings)!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Instead of dwelling on the cold, grey sludge that is Michigan in March, start preparing for the vibrant colors of summer by scheduling a spring clean-up of your flower beds.

We are A2 Garden Guides at your service! We'll make sure your landscape is looking its best when the in-laws come to visit or the kids come home for the summer.

Early Bird Offer: Schedule an appointment by March 21 (the first day of spring) and you'll be entered to win $150 off your spring clean-up.

Monarch butterfly on New England Asters.   photo by Jim Zaffiro 2016
This Monarch butterfly and bee share a drink from the obliging Asters before heading their separate ways. Photo by Jim Zaffiro 2016

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